A digital exhibit, where the works are intimate and real reports of remarkable affective experiences.

A game made for Goethe Institut's  Gr8 ArtGames Jam 2017 in São Paulo, Brazil

Theme: Emancipation + Politics + Art

WASD to move, E to interact

The team:
Sound: Thiago Dametto
Code/Game Design: Giulia Yamasaki
Art: Maria Fernanda and José Wilson

Special thanks to Clifton B (@CliftonB), who helped us with the english localization!

What's new (july 9th build):
- Better art
- Bug fixes
- English translation/localization
- In the intro room, there is now a book that tells you how you can share your own stories with us, and maybe they'll make it into the exhibit :)


AME_English.rar 17 MB
AME_Portuguese.rar 17 MB